Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eggs and Weight Loss

If you like to crack open a couple of eggs in the morning but are worried they may not help you lose weight. Worry no more.
A new study, in the Journal of Obesity, found that eating two eggs for breakfast can help adults on a diet lose more weight and feel more energetic than dieters who eat a high-carbohydrate bagel in the morning.
The researchers found that while two eggs and a bagel each have the same number of calories, dieters who ate the eggs in the morning felt more satisfied and ate fewer calories at their next meal.
In fact, the egg-eaters lost sixty-five percent more weight and had higher energy levels than their bagel-eating cohorts.
Blood lipids were not affected during the two-month study. The researchers also found that levels of H-D-L and L-D-L cholesterol didn’t vary in subjects eating the bagel or eggs.
While the study was in fact funded by the American Egg Board, the researchers say it confirms previous studies which suggest that high-quality proteins are a key component of any restricted calorie diet

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